Hydroelectric Engineering

Licensing – Engineering Support

Noesis’ staff has extensive experience providing engineering support for FERC licensing and permitting. We have the knowledge to recognize the level of effort required on a project and keep billable time as low as possible, allowing for development budgets to be stretched further.

Design Services

Noesis has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and design hydroelectric projects that generate the maximum amount of power at the most optimized cost. We efficiently address the requirements placed on your project throughout the feasibility, design, construction, and commissioning phases.

Construction and Operation Engineering Services

Noesis has over 15 years of engineering experience in licensing, engineering, construction management and operation support of varying projects, ranging from large multi-million dollar DOE projects to small hydroelectric projects. We specialize in rehabilitation of aging hydro projects. Our professional staff will meet the regulatory requirements for quality control, design/build, water quality compliance, etc.