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Structural Engineering

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Structural Analysis
  • Tall wall design
  • Shops, Greenhouses, Barns, and Garages
  • Catwalk, Stairs, and Ladders
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Lateral Analysis
  • Dynamic and Static Analysis
  • Retaining Walls
  • Detailed Structural Design
  • Structural Concrete Analysis & Design
  • Coordination with other Designers using Revit, Risa, AutoCAD, MathCAD, etc.

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Civil Engineering

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Engineering Services

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Engineering Design for Shops, Greenhouses, Barns and Garages

  • Complete Engineering Design for Shops, Greenhouses, Barns, and Garages
  • Provide design directly to the Architect or Designer to incorporate into their drawing package
  • Can work directly with the Contractor or Home Owner to create stamped standalone drawings
  • Fast turnaround on proposals and design work

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Hydroelectric Engineering

  • Feasibility¬†Study
  • Energy Optimization and Analysis
  • Engineering Support for Licensing
  • Design Services
  • QCIP Support
  • Construction Support and Inspection
  • Operation and Maintenance Support
  • O&M Program creation
  • Index Testing
  • Performance Testing

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Catwalk, Stairs, and Ladder Design with Fabrication Support

  • Custom Catwalks, Stairs, and Ladders to fit in unique spaces to satisfy your access needs.
  • Structural analysis of beams, grating, ladder rungs, stair trends,¬† bolts, concrete anchors, and welds.
  • Can work with your fabricator or can help find a fabricator to fit your schedule.
  • Conforms with OSHA, ANSI/AISE 360, ACI 318, ASCE 7-10 and other standards and codes as required by the client.
  • For USACE clients catwalks, stairs and ladders conforms with EM 385-1-1

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  • Geotechnical studies
  • Bridge Foundation Design
  • Bridge Abutment Design
  • Bridge Design Type Selection
  • Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges
  • Drawings, Specifications
  • Road and Bridge Strategic Planning
  • Existing Bridge Inspection and Analysis
  • FEMA No-Rise Certification for Floodways
  • USACE Nationwide Section 404 Permit

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Geotechnical Engineering

  • Test Pits & Soil Classification
  • On-Site Percolation Testing
  • Bearing Capacity & Seismic Class
  • Earthwork Recommendations

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Noesis Engineering Services (NES) specializes in civil engineering, project management, conceptual through final design, permitting, hydroelectric power services, contract administration, construction oversight, and quality control for all types of civil projects.  Our staff has the requisite technical and regulatory expertise to manage all phases in the life of a successful project; from licensing and construction, to long-term support. NES staff also understands regulatory rules and agency guidelines (e.g. FERC, EPA, Reclamation, DEQ, Water Resources, etc.) and will help you navigate through the process.